Healing timeline:


Day 1: Eyebrows look amazing immediately after microblading procedure, pigment gradually gets darker throughout the day

 Day 2-4: Brows will look dark and thick (they will lighten up over time)

 Day 5-8: Brows may be flaking and scabbing off (make sure to not pick or remove the scabs or you may inadvertently remove the pigment) 

Day 9-10: Your brows will appear like they are completely gone (don’t worry, this is temporary) 

Day 11-28: Pigment in skin continues to oxidize and strokes begin to reappear in color intended from the beginning, but some strokes come back looking patchy

Day 42: Eyebrows fully healed and ready to undergo the finishing effects of touch-up appointment

After Touch-Up: Beautiful eyebrow enhancement is complete  

Microblading Touch-Up Session

The 2nd session (touch-up) is recommended between 4-8 weeks after the procedure and is intended to fill in any areas that may have been discolored during the healing process. Pigment retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure and other factors. Annual touch-ups are recommended to prevent natural fading.  

Annual Touch-Up

Generally, the color lasts between 6 months to 2 years. To maintain the result of microblading, it is recommended to refresh yearly. Unlike traditional tattoo ink, these pigments will fade over time. After passage of time, the strokes will start to blur. Mostly after one-year, soft shading will be used to hold the old strokes as a base.